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What is “VivaCell-MTS Bonus”?

Surprise for prepaid subscribers… Now using VivaCell-MTS services, you can get free airtime, SMS messages, gifts and much more.

Just send the word BONUS to the short number 5050 and start accumulating bonus points. You can also register from the “Internet Assistant” portal or by dialing *505#. Registration fee is AMD 10 (including VAT).

Having accumulated sufficient amount of points you can exchange them for free of charge on-net minutes, SMS messages, and other gifts. The list of the gifts is continuously growing.

Each participant of the program has his personal “VivaCell-MTS Bonus” account on the “Internet Assistant” portal. Here you can check your bonus points and convert them into gifts. To access your personal page use your password to the “Internet Assistant” portal.

To leave the program you need to send the word EXIT to the short number 5050. Upon leaving the program the accumulated points are deleted.


  • “MTS Connect Classic Prepaid”, “Hot Nights” and “Business Control” subscribers cannot participate in the “VivaCell-MTS Bonus” program.
  • In the framework of the “I Love…” tariff plan any action taken within “VivaCell-MTS Bonus” program by one of the “Beloved Numbers” applies to both numbers. That is, registration to the program or leaving it by one of the “Beloved Numbers” equally applies to the second number; accumulation of bonus points is shared and gifts got by one of the subscribers are used by the other one as well.
  • In case of the card validity period expiration the already converted gifts are cancelled and are not reactivated after recharge.
  • The accumulated points are kept after the card validity period expiration, but cannot be exchanged for gifts until the card is recharged.

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